Friday, February 18, 2011

Umm... I take that back....

This is really terrible. The book is not on the 2008 disk. I thought I had many copies saved. In fact, I thought I had TOO many, because I was afraid of mixing up later and earlier versions, and ... I DID mix up a couple versions even in this blog... There WAS more than one copy!

So...there was more than one copy on the crashed computer, there should have been more than one copy on the 2008 disk....but there are no copies. The file "book" is there, but all it contains is queries and things like that... I have no idea why the person that told me she had "saved" all the documents in my hard drive that day didn't save the book - or how they book would have been omitted when the rest of the file was saved...

This is devastating to me, as it took me a few years to write what I did.

I haven't given up yet, though. I am still looking for other disks, and will go through my daughter's old computer as well. I can't believe it would be totally gone -


Megan said...

Dont you dare give up! I need to follow this story!

Lisa said...

Ok... I don't want to give up - I still haven't been able to find a digital copy of the manuscript. I have printed copies. I don't know why I can't find a digital copy - at one point I thought I had too many ie too many versions.

I did have someone save all my data for me on a disk in 2008 - but for some reason, which I didn't realize until last month - they didn't save the book!

Maybe I need to pull out the printed copies and start typing again. Which is probably not a bad thing - since it was written over ten years ago now, and my perspective has grown since then.

The facts remain the same, but my understanding of them has matured. I suppose that as I retype, I will make some changes if needed.

Okay. I will start again tonight then.